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At Gizmotec we know that it’s very important to offer a wide range of supply for mobile phone repair service, laptop repairs and all manner of electronic devices, at competitive prices.  The electronics market is constantly evolving and we have the expertise, will power and customer care to ensure we are able to provide a service that customers will need.  Whether you have smashed the screen on your Apple iPhone 7 or need to give a much needed bump to the battery life of your Samsung Galaxy S8, we are here to help.

Since 2012 we have been repairing a plethora of devices for corporate and private customers alike.  Attention to detail is something that cannot be overlooked. We always go above and beyond to guarantee our customers receive the best possible service.


We use a reputable review platform so that we can gather feedback from our customers.  To see what they have to say about us please have a look here. If you decide to go with Gizmotec, we know you will not be disappointed 

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Use the above repair wizard to assist you in finding quotes for repairs. You can find Samsung mobile display repair, iPhone cracked screen repair, Huawei phone repair uk and lots of other brands and defect repair services.  If the model or fault you need fixing is not listed, do not fear!  We are happy to try and quote on any repair (wherever possible).  So in this instance feel free to give us a buzz on 020-3651-7540. Alternatively drop us a message via the Contact page.

"Darling, dont panic but there is a rat behind you"

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Samsung Phone Repair Service

Samsung Phone, Laptop, Tablet & Other Gadgets Repair Service

We understand that everyone can have accidents. But do not fear! We are here to get your Samsung device into a fighting fit working state. We specialise in Samsung mobile phone repair, but we also repair laptops and tablets. Above you will find our  super sleek repair wizard.

Step 1. Choose your device type, make and model via our repair wizard.

Step 2. Select the issues that you are experiencing with your Samsung device and our live pricing calculator will let you know the repair charge.

Step 3. Click to book your Samsung device repair. It’s as simple as that.

If you are unsure what needs replacing but know what your device is or isn’t doing, then you can send us a quotation request. One of the Gizmotec team will soon contact you to assist you further.

Once your repair is booked you can choose to use our postage or courier service to send us your Samsung device for repair. Or you can use you own method of shipping. The choice is yours…that’s your thing. Mobile phone repair…that’s our thing.

The moment we receive your Samsung device for repair we will crack on and work our magic. We aim to complete all repairs in 2 days (assuming no gremlins get into the system). We will then ship your repaired Samsung device back to the address you choose. Bosh!


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