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At Gizmotec we specialise in reverse logistics for all manner of personal electronics. We generate taylormade recovery solutions fully dependent on our client requirements. One size very rarely fits all, so it is important to us that we adapt to best service existing and prospective clientele. We operate bespoke chain managed disposal and refurbishment programmes to optimise output.

Gizmotec was formed in 2012 and we have been providing competitive and professional repair and recovery services to our clients since inception.

We aim to recycle 99.5% of all defective devices we process. We use methods such as servicing, refurbishment, deconstruction and re-sale. All electrical hardware has value and can be put to much better use than sitting in landfill sites. Our planet is a valuable resource and it is important to ensure that waste is minimised.

We repair and purchase all manner of personal electronic devices including mobile phones, laptops, desktop machines and tablets. These cover world renowned manufacturers such as Acer, Asus, Apple, BlackBerry, Dell, HP Compaq, HTC, Huawei, LG, Lenovo, Microsoft, Motorola, Nokia, One Plus, Samsung & Sony.

We provide regular technical support to our business clients, which enables them to accurately determine fault and warranty diagnostics.

We have partnerships with DHL, UPS and Royal Mail to ensure the RMA supply chains links are fully serviced with optimum activity. The services we offer help companies to run efficiently whilst maximising financial recovery.

Financial recovery and loss reduction

Faulty (RMA) stock has a detrimental effect on any retail business. If left unchecked this can grow into a bigger problem and cause further financial loss.

Complete financial recovery is always the desired outcome, whilst not absorbing too many resources and detracting attention away from the primary business purpose. Gizmotec’s highly competitive repair and pricing structures will aid you in minimising your loss to a negligible figure.

Our expertise

At Gizmotec we understand how important it is to provide exceptional service, whilst establishing a healthy working rapport. We provide regular technical support to a number of business clients, which enables them to accurately determine fault and warranty diagnostics. The services we provide will help you run your business more effectively.

Mobile phone software services

We operate a dedicated flashing station where our highly experienced engineers have access to a vast array of tools, files and boxes to ensure that regardless of the make or model of a mobile phone, we can restore devices to the factory default operating system (Stock ROM). If there are any software related issues we are likely to have the solution.

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