There are very few guarantees in life, and you can be sure that almost everything will, at some point, break or start to malfunction. This means you need to know how to fix your problem. In some cases we know it is fairly easy to repair the broken part or gadget, or to simply replace it, in others you may need to seek out a repair service.

For example, changing a light bulb is a very easy procedure for all of us, so is fixing a loose hinge in a cupboard or tightening a loose screw somewhere. But how do we feel about fixing our mobile phones when they start to malfunction? Do we know, for example, what to do when our Samsung phone – or any other smartphone – malfunctions, even if it is only the screen that has cracked?

Of course a cracked screen must be replaced. Not everybody knows how to go about it, but it is true that the odd person may actually be able to take care of the process themselves. That is if they have the exact screen for the specific model that has to be replaced, and if they have the tools they need. The danger, of course, is that a layman may cause bigger problems to their phone during this process, which can lead to much bigger frustration, and you may incur unnecessary costs should you damage the phone during the process.

For those that want to, regardless, go ahead and undertake the repairs themselves, it is imperative they have the correct replacement screen and the exact applicable tools to make sure they give themselves the best chance at replacing the cracked screen. Depending on the model and make of your phone, you will have to make sure you have the specific mini screwdrivers that one needs for these repair jobs, as well as any tweezers, wedges, a plectrum, a scalpel and a heat gun, to name some of those tools that you may typically need to replace the cracked screen.

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Of course, not everybody keeps these tools and will therefore need to turn elsewhere if this is not a job that they do all that often. And, of course, there is always the danger that should you cause further damage to your Samsung, or whatever other model you have, you may have to fork out much more in the end to have the cracked screen replaced.

Also, some models may allow you, under certain warranty agreements, to take your phone to a registered repair service to assist you. If, however, you are not allowed to do this, then you may have to deal with the repair service your service provider prefers. Make sure you know these things before you attempt to undertake any repairs yourself. Most people will, anyway, get in touch with a phone repair service which is under most circumstances the sensible thing to do.

A good repair service will always have all the tools, all the parts such as the exact screen for your model, and of course they know how to repair broken phones and replace cracked screens. What may seem to the ordinary person like a lot of trouble will be a breeze for the professional repair service: they know what they do and they take the stress off your shoulders. So where does one find these services?

They are available in every city, and also in most towns – even in smaller villages. As long as they have the tools and know where to find the screen you need for you phone, they will help you. There are very few towns without a mobile phone shop or service; therefore you will always be assured of quick attention when you crack the screen of your phone. Contact such a service as opposed to try the DIY method.

About Us: At Gizmotec we pride ourselves on the quality of the repairs to all mobile phones, laptops and tablets we carry out in the shortest possible time to save our clients the frustration of having to wait. We only use high quality materials and products during the process and offer a 12 month warranty on our work. We offer an advanced online service that ensures the client has a quote even before the faulty or broken phone, tablet or computer reaches us. In addition to dealing with individual clients we also have agreements with corporate clients in place whereby we help them maximise output in terms of certain recycling services and ongoing technical support with regard to specific systems. We value all clients and do not regard any repair job as too small. For more about us please visit

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