There are almost three billion smart phone users around the world, that’s more than thirty five percent of the adult population globally. We rely on our phones more than ever before and when it comes time for an upgrade, there are many important factors to take into consideration, ensuring you buy the best smart phone based on your unique needs.

One of the first essential tips to take into consideration when buying a new smart phone is the operating system. If you have been using an Android device up to now, you may find it exceptionally difficult to move over to IOS. Take the operating system into consideration, based on what system is going to work best for you when it comes to using your smart phone for every day tasks.

The second essential tip when buying a new smart phone is to take the screen size into consideration. Screen sizes vary from one phone to the other. The Samsung Note may have a large 5.5” screen, while an older iPhone may only be able to provide you with a 4” screen. The screen size should be determined by what you feel comfortable using and what works best for you in the long run.

In addition to this, you want to focus closely on the display quality of the smart phone you are thinking of buying. These days you should settle for nothing less than high definition (HD). We are spoiled these days with our choice of technology, which is constantly evolving. With this, you will want to focus on choosing a display offering the finest quality that you can trust and use with ease and confidence moving forward.

Further, you will want to pay very close attention to the design of the phone. Not all smart phones are created equal. Some have beautiful straight lines and others have luxurious bevelled edges. The design may be more important to you, based on your preferences and style. Older smart phones are not as streamlined as the new designs.

The fifth essential tip to buying a smart phone is to take a closer look at the camera offered. Of course, phones don’t offer the best camera quality, but cameras are being improved year after year. This is because it’s common to use the camera on your phone than carry your digital camera around with you. If you tend to take quite a few pics during the week on your mobile device, then pay close attention to the camera quality.

Another tip which cannot be ignored when choosing a new smart phone is to look at the processor speed. As with a computer the speed of the processor is an important element, which determines how responsive your new phone is. If you spent most of your day juggling home and work, then you will find a phone that is slow to open apps and do the basic functions is going to frustrate you. You need a responsible phone you can trust.

The system memory is as important as all the above tips. System memory is what will enable you to multi task without any hassle or fuss. Ensure you take note of the system memory, never opt for the lesser gigs.

The eighth tip for you to consider is to take note of the internal memory of the smart phone. Internal memory is what enables you to download applications and save pictures, files, messages and more. A phone with only a 5gb internal memory is not going to give you much saving power. Always look for the highest storage options. The majority of new smart phones come with at least 32gb of internal memory along with a memory card slot, giving you additional storage space if needed.

Finally, be sure to pay close attention to the battery life. You don’t expect to have to charge your phone numerous times a day. Always look for the smart phone with the best battery life to ensure you have an enjoyable user experience.

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