At Gizmotec we pride ourselves on the quality of the repairs to all mobile phones, laptops and tablets we carry out in the shortest possible time to save our clients the frustration of having to wait. We only use high quality materials and products during the process and offer a 12 month warranty on our work. We offer an advanced online service that ensures the client has a quote even before the faulty or broken phone, tablet or computer reaches us.

Make Sure You Know How To Find The Repair Service!

A good repair service will always have all the tools, all the parts such as the exact screen for your model, and of course they know how to repair broken phones and replace cracked screens. What may seem to the ordinary person like a lot of trouble will be a breeze for the professional repair service: they know what they do and they take the stress off your shoulders. So where does one find these services?

When your iPhone breaks, you want to ensure you secure the finest quality repair service that you can trust to get your phone back in your hand and operational again.

9 Essential Tips to Buying a New Smart Phone

There are almost three billion smart phone users around the world, that’s more than thirty five percent of the adult population globally. We rely on our phones more than ever before and when it comes time for an upgrade, there are many important factors to take into consideration, ensuring you buy the best smart phone based on your unique needs.

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